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Breaking Report: Schiff is in Panic Mode, Career On The Line, Over Release of Russia Collusion Transcripts

Steven Ahle| Opinion| Rep Adam Schiff tries to define himself as a fearless warrior.

There is one thing that scares the heck of him and that is the truth. Unlucky for his, he is about to be exposed.

Not only will he be exposed as a liar, but it will also reveal the steps he took in order to prevent the transcripts from seeing the light of day.

Schiff is not too bright, as you already knew, and he made some serious mistakes in trying to cover up the transcripts.

Schiff sent his staffers out to top officials in the intelligence communities to find out how Richard Grenell, acting chief at the ODNI got the transcripts declassified.
This gave Grenell an opportunity to reveal that the transcripts had been declassified before he was even appointed, showing that Schiff had been blocking their release for some time now.

The released transcripts will prove that the narrative that Schiff has been peddling has been nothing more than lies in order to gain political advantage and will expose other Democrats as well.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) is reportedly “in panic mode” over transcripts that have been cleared to be released from his committee’s Russia investigation, which reportedly show that they had no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian officials.

“The declassification process was completed before Grenell took the helm as acting director this past February,” Fox News reported. “The process, according to an intelligence community official, took place under both former directors Dan Coates and Joseph Maguire, and was conducted by career intelligence officials. The official also told Fox News that the relevant heads of appropriate agencies were consulted on the declassifications and redactions of all 53 transcripts.”
A source close to the White House told The Daily Wire, “Schiff really is panicking In a state of panic, Schiff has been making sloppy mistakes. It was a colossally stupid mistake on his part to send his staff out to find out what role Grenell had in the process, it gave Grenell’s allies in the Intelligence Community the perfect opportunity to disclose that the redactions took place before Grenell got there. Some of Schiff’s other mistakes will play out over the next couple of days.”

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